Destination Marketing Fund Grant

By mmuise

The Destination Marketing Fund (DMF) was established to support events that generate hotel stays in the City of Prince Albert and have a positive impact in the community. Funding is available for New Event, Event Retention, Growing an Existing Event and Capital Enhancements.

Comments on Funding:

When a grant application has been approved, the applicant receives 40% of the funds in advance.
A final report must be submitted within 60 days of the event and approved by the Committee in order to receive the remaining 60% of the grant.

Deadline: Rolling deadline

1. New Events – Event Organizers Applicants must be

a) hosting new events or to bring an existing event to Prince Albert that has not been held in the City for at least three (3) consecutive years or create a brand-new event to be held in Prince Albert;
b) hosting events that generate overnight stays (limited to hotel/motel rooms, B&B rooms).

2. Event Retention – Event Organizers Applicants must be hosting event that has a history of being hosted in Prince Albert but is in jeopardy of no longer being hosted in Prince Albert or being shortened as a result of a variety of reasons, including but not limited to finances or a competitive bid from another community.

3. Growing an Existing Event – Event Organizers Applicants must be:
a) expanding an existing event that has a history of being held in Prince Albert;
b) hosting events to attract a totally new market segment, resulting in increased room nights;
c) adding a new element to an existing event that targets a totally different audience which will result in increased overnight stays (limited to hotel/motel rooms, B&B rooms).

d) Incremental attendance growth resulting without a distinct change to the event offerings or format is ineligible.

4. Capital Enhancements – Event Organizers Applicants must:
a) be hosting events that require repairs or upgrades in order to host a specific larger scale event;
b) have requests for capital enhancements directly related to a need identified in order to successfully host a specified event, and the specified event must generate new “event based overnight stays” (limited to hotel/motel rooms, B&B rooms) or maintain existing overnight stays generated by the specified event;
c) provide written proof that the capital enhancements are part of a bid requirement and/or that with the addition of the capital asset, a specific event will be hosted/retained in Prince Albert;
d) have no outstanding taxes, utility charges or other amounts owing to the municipal government and all properties owned by the Organization must be free of any City of Prince Albert Building and Safety Maintenance Orders.

e) Retroactive applications are not considered.
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