Aerospace Regional Recovery Initiative (ARRI)

By mmuise

The Aerospace Regional Recovery Initiative (ARRI) will help the Canadian aerospace sector emerge from the pandemic with the capacity to compete on the global stage, by supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the following three objectives: to green their operations and adopt environmentally sustainable practices, to improve productivity and to strengthen commercialization while furthering integration into regional and global supply chains.

Comments on Funding:

Contributions to SMEs are generally repayable or conditionally repayable.
Contributions to not-for-profits are generally non-repayable.
Under the initiative, RDAs can contribute up to 100% of eligible project costs for projects with Indigenous clients.

Deadline: Continuous Intake

Applicants must be:

  • businesses operating in the aerospace industry, as well as the organizations that support them, including:
    a) small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs),
    b) non-profit organizations providing services to SMEs.
  • Indigenous businesses and organizations are invited to apply through the process described.
  • Municipalites;
  • Provinces or Territories.
Application Steps:

Applicants must:

1. consult the applicant guide (;

2. fill out the ARRI application form online and then send the form through the application for financial assistance page ( tlantic-canada-opportunities/services/application-for-financial-assistance.html) or by mail to the ACOA regional office in their province.

Documentation Needed:

For-profit applicants must submit a completed application form and the following supporting documents:
1. incorporation documents and information on ownership (names and percentage of ownership), 2. financial statements (current and last two years, audited or reviewed are preferred),
3. project plan, business plan, marketing plan or research and development plan,
4. supplier quotes,
5. copies of relevant permits and licenses,
6. other relevant documents. Not-for-profit applicants and other applicants must submit a completed application form and the following supporting documents:
1. constituting/ incorporating documents and list of directors/members of the board, 2. financial statements (current and last fiscal year),
3. description and mandate of the applicant, including the management and qualifications of key personnel,
4. HST rebate information,
5. project plan or detailed project description, including milestones, costs, financing, key partnerships established,
6. supplier quotes,
7. copies of relevant permits and licenses, 8. other relevant documents.

Other Things to Note:

1. With a total budget of $250 million over three years (until March 31, 2024), this initiative is being delivered by Canada’s regional development agencies (RDAs). It complements support for the aerospace industry provided through Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan and by Industry, Science and Economic Development (ISED) through the Strategic Innovation Fund.
2. Date modified: 2023-09-19

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