AI Vertical Accelerator Program

By mmuise

AI Vertical Accelerator Program offers customized programming to scale up high potential small and medium-sized A.I. businesses working on supply chain solutions.
The program is delivered through a number of activities designed to grow your business by expanding access to knowledge, customers, and talent:
1. Expert seminars on AI, supply chains, IP, fundraising, etc.;
2. Access to experienced AI and business mentors;
3. BC Tech matches industrial customers with A.I. supply chain solution providers for business matchmaking and collaboration at a unique collision day;
4. Take advantage of funding to access experienced consultants to fill skill gaps at your business that go beyond what mentorship can provide.

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Deadline: Currently accepting applications

Applicants must be small and medium-sized tech businesses who are:

  • A.I. companies with supply chain solutions;
  • Supply chain technology companies looking to adopt A.I.;
  • A.I. companies who wish to adapt their technologies to supply chain challenges.
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