CleanBC Better Buildings: Custom-Lite Incentives

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Better Buildings BC offers a range of incentives intended to help building owners, operators and developers reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in their existing or new commercial buildings.
Custom-Lite Incentives are available to help facilitate smaller electrification opportunities across the commercial and institutional building sector. The program offers Capital Incentives of $60/tCO2e of lifetime GHG savings for heat pump roof top units up to a maximum of $72,000 and $40/tCO2e of lifetime GHG savings for all other qualifying measures up to maximum $48,000 incentive per customer. Energy Study funding for 50% of the cost of an energy study, up to a maximum of $2,000 is also available.

Comments on Funding:

Individual Custom-Lite Projects are limited to a total of $48,000 or $72,000 in incentives depending on the equipment. The overall customer cap for combined Custom-Lite and Custom projects (Energy Study and Capital Incentives), as well as Commercial Express Incentives, is $750,000, which can be spread over multiple projects and locations.

Deadline: Continuous Intake

Eligibility requirements:

  • The building must be a commercial, institutional, or a multi-unit residential building;
  • The project must demonstrate the potential to implement measures at a single facility that will lead to at least 500 and less than 1,200 tC02e of lifetime savings;
  • To qualify as an energy measure, projects must:
    a) provide a net decrease in greenhouse gas emissions;
    b) result in energy impacts that are measurable and verifiable;
    c) result in energy impacts that can be estimated using standard engineering calculations;
    d) involve a technology that is not covered by other utility DSM programs (e.g. FortisBC’s Commercial Custom Program).
  • Equipment cannot be purchased before finalizing and signing the Capital Incentive Agreement.
  • CleanBC Custom Incentive Measures can include the following, refer to the Participant’s Guide for more information:
    a) Air-to-Water Heat Pump Water Heater;
    b) Air-to-Air Rooftop Heat Pump;
    c) Sewage Heat Recovery Heat Pump;
    d) High-efficiency (>75%) HRV;
    e) Electric Water Heater;
    f) Air Source VRF;
    g) Electrical Cooking Equipment.
  • The following measures qualify but are typically found in larger buildings and as such may not fall within the participation criteria thresholds for the Custom-Lite Program.
    a) Heat Recovery Chiller;
    b) Ground Source Heat Pump;
    c) Water-to-Water Heat Pump;
    d) Exhaust Air Heat Recovery Heat Pump;
    e) Electric Boiler;
    f) Water Source VRF.
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