Industrial Energy Manager

By mmuise

BC Hydro's Industrial Energy Manager provides funding and support to hire a full-time energy manager to develop and implement an energy management plan.

Comments on Funding:

The program offers:
1. Up to 75% of your energy manager’s salary funding.
2. 100% funding for energy management consulting services, which can be used for coaching, training, plan and policy development, and more.
3. 100% funding for the required training of your new energy manager.
4. 100% funding for the cost of an on-site energy management assessment.
5. Funding up to $80,000 for energy monitoring and targeting.
6. 100% funding for a planning workshop to facilitate your custom plan.
7. Generous funding for employee engagement activities including training and awareness events.

Deadline: Continuous Intake

This program is applicable for businesses that use more than 20 gigawatt-hours of electricity per year.

Application Steps:


Documentation Needed:


Other Things to Note:

BC Hydro is a provincial Crown corporation, owned by the government and people of British Columbia, Canada.

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