Investment Fund

CÉCS’s Investment Fund is an initiative that supports Francophone entrepreneurial development in Saskatchewan. Its main objective is to give Francophone micro-businesses and small/medium-sized businesses access to financial capital during the start-up, purchase or expansion stages of a business.

Labour-sponsored Venture Capital Corporation Funds (LSVCC): Pool Funds

Pool Funds are open to any Saskatchewan resident who wants to invest in a broad base of Saskatchewan sectors and businesses. In turn, Saskatchewan businesses can apply to access this venture capital to assist with startup or expansion. Pool funds available for investment include the Golden Opportunities Fund Inc. and SaskWorks Venture Fund Inc. 


PFM Capital invests in mid-market businesses, with the objective of achieving long-term capital appreciation. PFM Capital uses a broad range of securities, from common equity to subordinated debt, which ensures that its investees are able to grow and execute on their business plan without ever impeding the balance sheet.

Sasktel Max Equity Fund

Administered by Creative Saskatchewan on behalf of SaskTel, this Fund provides financial support for eligible Saskatchewan-based independent producers of audiovisual productions. Creative Saskatchewan may invest in eligible projects that demonstrate significant economic, cultural and employment benefit to the Saskatchewan industry, and a high potential of recoupment and profit in the application.


Technology Commercialization Investment Fund

Ag-West Bio’s Technology Commercialization Investment Fund provides repayable investment capital for qualified early stage Saskatchewan bio-science and/or ag tech companies. The Fund supports promising innovative technologies at the early stages of development that demonstrate exceptional long-term benefit to Saskatchewan and a clear pathway to commercialization.


Fonds de Capital de Risque (Venture Capital Fund)

The Capital Expansion Region Thetford (CERT) is a business community organization offering an investment fund. It is dedicated to financing companies with strong growth potential. This financing can be accomplished through loans, debentures, or equity investments. Its mission is to foster and stimulate the economic development of the MRC des Appalaches by investing in start-up…