Cluster Support Programs (formerly Supercluster Support Programs)

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Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada launched the Global Innovation Clusters to support business-led innovation and large-scale collaboration among industry leaders, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and post‑secondary institutions, to develop and scale high-potential technologies in advanced manufacturing, agri‑food, clean technology, digital technology, health, bioscience and clean resources, infrastructure and transportation.
Cluster support programs:
1. Advanced manufacturing (Funded collaborative R&D in support of Canada's Next Generation Manufacturing cluster. automation and robotics; machine vision; inspection and sensors; simulations and modelling; additive manufacturing; and advanced materials manufacturing);
2. Digital Health and Geospatial Analytics (Funded collaborative R&D in support of Canada's Digital Technology Supercluster in the areas of: Artificial intelligence and digital enablement for health - using artificial intelligence and digital technologies to improve healthcare delivery and connect it to real-world, evidence-based clinical research; and Geospatial Analytics - using digital geospatial technologies to solve compelling challenges in areas such as agriculture, forestry, environmental monitoring, transportation, and clean energy);
3. Ocean (Funded collaborative R&D in support of Canada's Ocean Supercluster in the areas of: bio assets; intelligent ocean assets; coastal resilience; and pollution remediation);
4. Sustainable Protein Production (Funded collaborative R&D in support of Canada's Protein Industries Supercluster in the areas of: genetics and genomics; pre‑breeding crop development and plant technologies; microalgal and macroalgal protein; microbial communities; processing and ingredients; food safety, traceability and sustainability);
5. Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Logistics (Funded collaborative R&D in support of Canada's AI- Powered Supply Chains Supercluster (Scale AI) in the areas of: transportation and warehousing; condition of infrastructure and goods; cybersecurity for logistics; and Canadian logistics AI‑powered modelling.

Comments on Funding:

Grant and contribution funding is provided.

Deadline: Rolling deadline

Eligible recipients include:

  • academic institutions;
  • non-profit organizations;
  • small and medium-sized enterprises up to 500 employees;
  • provincial, territorial, regional, and municipal governments and agencies; and
  • Indigenous governments and organizations.

    Large companies of more than 500 employees are not eligible to receive grant and contribution funding, but may collaborate as part of the NRC's programs and initiatives.
    Grant and contribution funding is available for international collaborators where there is a benefit to Canada.
Application Steps:

1. Collaborators interested in working with NRC researchers can engage directly with NRC program teams through scheduled workshops and engagement sessions.

2. Information on how to participate is available on each of the Supercluster Support Program web page.

3. Once a collaborative project has been identified by an NRC R&D program team and eligibility of the collaborator has been confirmed, NRC collaborators are invited to apply for funding by the National Program Office.

Documentation Needed:

No specific documentation has been identified.

Other Things to Note:

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