Strategic Partnerships Initiative (SPI)

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The Strategic Partnerships Initiative (SPI) helps Indigenous communities participate in complex economic opportunities.
SPI promotes partnerships between federal and non-federal groups in key economic areas. This allows SPI to support opportunities that are not eligible for other federal funding. SPI initiatives can span multiple years, have regional economic impacts and serve multiple communities.

Comments on Funding:

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Deadline: Continuous Intake

Those eligible to participate in SPI initiatives include:

  • Indigenous businesses, organizations, partnerships and joint ventures;
  • Indigenous communities and local governments;
  • academic institutions;
  • provinces and territories.
Application Steps:

1. Eligible recipients do not apply directly for funding. Federal partners work with Indigenous communities to identify opportunities to bring to SPI's interdepartmental investment committee for consideration.

2. The committee vets and then supports the co-development of chosen initiatives.

3. Application processes may vary depending on the initiatives’ objectives.

For more information, a list of current initiatives and contact information in your area, please email

Documentation Needed:

No specific documentation has been identified.

Other Things to Note:

An additional $300 million is available until 2027 for clean energy projects in Indigenous, rural and remote communities across Canada. SPI supports investments in:
1. economic readiness;
2. economic infrastructure;
3. expanding viable businesses;
4. pre-feasibility and feasibility studies;
5. environmental diagnostics and evaluations;
6. community economic development planning;
7. skills development and training.
$14.45 million is budgeted for SPI funding per year.

Date modified: 2023-07-28

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