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Comments on Funding:

Funding from the CBF’s Publishing Support sub-component and other levels of government (federal, provincial, territorial and municipal) is up to:
- 75% of the book publishing expenses;
- 90% of the book publishing expenses for official-language minority publishers, Indigenous publishers, publishing companies owned and controlled by members of a Racialized Community or small literary publishers and
- 100% of the book publishing expenditures for not-for-profit recipients.
Contributions from the applicant's organization, the private sector or other levels of government are encouraged.

Applicants who receive a contribution of $100,000 or greater, must repay the contribution if their profit margin - excluding all CBF funding - was 15% or more during their financial year in which the contribution agreement was signed, and during its two preceding financial years.

Deadline: April 1 (annually)

Only book publishing firms are eligible for the Publishing Support sub-component of the CBF. At the time of the application, and through to the end of the term of any contribution agreement, a publishing firm must:

  • have completed at least 12 months of operation as a book publisher;
  • be at least 75% owned and controlled by Canadians;
  • have its headquarters and at least 75% of its employees based in Canada;
  • be a private-sector firm or university press;
  • be financially viable; and
  • have fulfilled all contractual obligations with respect to author royalty payments or other method of payment to authors, from the beginning of the reference year through to the end of any contribution agreement.

    The following entities are not eligible for support from the CBF:
  • publishers with net sales of own titles that were $50 million or greater in the reference year, and
  • unincorporated divisions of larger organizations, with the exception of university presses.
Application Steps:

1. Complete, sign and date the Application Form,

2. Attach all the required supporting documents,

3. Submit the application by e-mail at

Documentation Needed:

Applicants must submit a complete application package including:
1. the Application Form and the following supporting documents:
2. the financial statements (returning applicants with sales of Canadian-authored books during the reference year equal to or greater than $3 million, including any distribution fee adjustment, must provide audited financial statements. All other returning applicants must provide at minimum a review engagement report. Compilation Engagements (or Notice to Reader) and internal statements are not accepted. The one exception to these requirements is for first-time applicants, which can provide a Notice to Reader as part of its application package. Should a first-time applicant become a program recipient, they must submit either a review engagement report or audited financial statements in subsequent years);

Other Things to Note:

Racialized (person or group)
Often used to replace “visible minority,” this more nuanced term acknowledges that race is a social construct and that racialization is a process through which groups come to be socially constructed as races, based on characteristics such as ethnicity, language, economics, religion, culture and politics. It can be applied to people and attributed to them as a group in ways that negatively impact their social, political, and economic life (e.g., Black, Asian, Muslim).
Also check the Business Development component, probably recurrent.
Date modified: 2023-03-30
Guidelines: 2023-03-30

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