C3E Financing

By mmuise

C3E Financing provides funding for the commercialization of innovations in energy efficiency transportation in Canada.

Comments on Funding:

Funding takes the form of loans.

Loan terms and fees:
1. Amortization period: 12 years.
2. Conversion terms: Royalties.
3. Interest rate: None.
4. Repayment period: From 3rd to 10th year (i.e., 8 years) on 5% of gross sales (residual payment after 10 years, converted into free interest loan payable, except for delay on payment).
5. Anticipated annual internal rate of return: 15% to 21%.

Deadline: -

Applicants must be companies that:

  • have products or services in energy efficiency of transportation ready to be commercialized;
  • have innovative products or services meeting the following criteria:
    a) Creation of wealth and jobs in Canada;
    b) GHG emission reduction (directly or indirectly);
    c) Professionalism and product quality.
Application Steps:


Documentation Needed:


Other Things to Note:

There are no latest informations from their website since 2017, and the apply button is not clickable; but their FB page is still activeas of April 2023.

Program Contact: https://c3e.ca/en/financing/
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