Development Packaging Program

By mmuise

The Independent Production Fund (“IPF”) and the Canada Media Fund (“CMF”) encourage the development and growth of Canadian drama series and adapt their financing activities to most effectively fulfill needs identified as requiring support. The Development Packaging Program (the “Program”) is designed to assist independent producers create high quality original scripted short form series.

Comments on Funding:

Funding is in the form of a repayable advance of up to $30,000. Each project awarded funding through the Program will repay the advance as follows:
1. to the IPF: 100% of IPF’s portion of the advance on the first day of principal photography,
2. to the CMF: 100% of CMF’s portion of the advance on the first day of principal photography.

Deadline: Applications are closed. Stay tuned for future intake announcements. The previous deadline was on March 1, 2023.

Eligible projects must:

  • be new and original (second or subsequent seasons of a series are not eligible),
  • not have already applied for production financing,
  • be conceived as scripted, episodic short-form dramatic content with multiple episodes and episodic running times that are less than 20 minutes,
  • have a confirmed creative team at the time of application including producer and writer; a qualified and experienced story editor or development executive (who is a separate person than the writer and producer) must be confirmed on the creative team at the time of application,
  • 75% of the project’s eligible expenditures must be Canadian costs,
  • be scheduled so as to provide all required deliverables to the IPF and the CMF by the established deadline,
  • all rights and options for the development, production and exploitation of the project must be acquired by the eligible producer exclusively for at least 24 months and the project is, and remains throughout its production, under Canadian ownership and Canadian executive, creative and financial control,
  • be developed in either English or in French.

    Applicants must:
  • be an independent production company that:
    a) is for-profit: (i.e. a taxable Canadian corporation, within the meaning of the Canada Income Tax Act),
    b) is Canadian-controlled as determined for the purposes of sections 26 to 28 of the Investment Canada Act,
    c) has its head office based in Canada,
    d) does not meet the definition of In-house or Broadcaster-Affiliated, as set out in s.
  • 1 of the CMF’s Development Program Guidelines,
  • have an attached confirmed Canadian writer. Either the producer or writer must have previous credited experience as a producer or writer on scripted episodic or short form content (including short films). In cases where the producer and writer/creator are the same person, this person must have previous credits as either producer or writer on scripted episodic or short form content
  • agree to participate at training events with industry experts, which may be organized by the IPF or its industry partners,
  • be limited to one (1) application per year.
Application Steps:

Applicants must submit the application form and any supporting materials electronically, through the online application portal at

Documentation Needed:

Applicants must submit the following documents/materials:
1. a completed application form found in the application portal at ,
2. a Creative Pitch for the short form series in a maximum of three (3) pages, including a complete synopsis of the series, story arc over the season, description of lead characters, a typical episode format and outline, etc.,
3. a one (1) page vision document,
4. bios of the producer, writer, creator, story editor and/or development executive including relevant production credits,
5. URL links (or other) to previous credited work of either the producer or writer,
6. confirmation in writing from a story editor and/or development executive including responsibilities, proposed schedule and fee,
7. a packaging phase development budget,
8. a packaging phase development schedule (Note: all deliverables must be completed and delivered to IPF and the CMF by the established deadline),
9. proof of any other confirmed development packaging financing,
10. a document containing information on previous phases of development (if applicable).

Other Things to Note:

Funding will be awarded through the Program on a 2/3 (English) and 1/3 (French) basis.

This is a new program for the Ontario database, but was present and moved from the Atlantic Canada database.

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