Guaranteed Government Grants (2024)

The Ultimate Guide to Free Money for Your Canadian Business

In this FREE guide you’ll learn:

  • What business grants are
  • Grants eligibility: how to know if you qualify
  • 4 main types of business grants
  • How to maximize your business grants
  • Where to get business grants (6 top sources)
  • 3 proven steps to successfully apply
  • Beyond grants: 25 other types of funding

Want to Know More?

Here’s the Table of Contents for the free guide (click each chapter to see the contents):

  • Business Grant Definition
  • Do Grants Have to be Paid Back?
  • Why Do Governments Give Away Free Money?
  • Biggest Funding Mistake That Canadian Entrepreneurs Make
  • Other Types of Financial Support That Governments Give to Businesses
  • Common Eligibility Criteria
  • A Funding Tip for Start-Ups
  • Grant Eligibility FAQs
  • Activity grants
  • Audience grants
  • Industry grants
  • Regional grants
  • AAIR Framework for Maximizing Business Grants
  • Example of Maximizing Business Grants Using the AAIR Framework
  • Getting Organized to Maximize Funding: Grant Calendars & Stackability
  • Six Sources of Business Grants
  • Canadian Federal Government
  • Provincial Government
  • Municipal Government
  • Universities
  • Private Organizations
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • The Grants Funnel: Three Steps to Guaranteed Government Grants
  • Gather
  • Filter
  • Focus
  • Bonus Step to Maximize Your Business Funding
  • Canadian Business Funding Universe: 27 Distinct Types of Funding for Entrepreneurs
  • Self-Funding (aka Bootstrapping a Business)
  • Free Funding (Grants & More)
  • Debt Funding (Business Loans & Other Types of Credit)
  • Equity Funding (Selling a Stake in Your Business)

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