New Buildings Program 2.2: Energy Modelling Assistance Incentive

By mmuise

This program provides incentives of up to $10,000 available to eligible building owners who submit a completed design energy model report to Efficiency Manitoba during the project’s design phase and then successfully complete the program’s Performance Path.

Comments on Funding:

1. The energy modelling assistance incentive provides up to $10,000 to project teams using energy modelling during the design of a new construction project.
2. Up to $5,000 will be paid upon approval of the design energy model report and the remaining will be paid upon successful completion of the Performance Path. The total energy modelling assistance incentive is the lesser of $10,000 or the total value of the invoice(s) for energy modelling services.

Deadline: Continuous Intake

Eligibility criteria:

  • The Building Owner must be a Manitoba Hydro customer eligible for the General Service Electricity Rate.
  • This Program applies to new construction projects classified as Part 3 buildings that are required to follow the Manitoba Energy Code for Buildings 2013 (MECB), as determined by the Authority Having Jurisdiction. Commercial buildings not required to follow the MECB may also apply; however, Residential, Multi Unit Residential, Farm, Industrial, and Manufacturing buildings that are not required to follow the MECB are not eligible for this Program.
  • The Applicant must be the current registered owner of the property for the building and of the building. • Incentives are not available for projects completed as of the date Efficiency Manitoba approves this Application.
  • To be eligible for Energy Modelling Assistance Incentive, a design energy modelling report must be submitted to Efficiency Manitoba before the project’s tender date and before the project is issued a building permit. A detailed copy of the invoice(s) itemizing the energy modelling services must be provided to Efficiency Manitoba. The energy modelling assistance incentive will not exceed the amount invoiced to the building owner.
Application Steps:


Documentation Needed:


Other Things to Note:

Intake: Ongoing.

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