Publisher Marketing Assistance Program

By mmuise

The Publisher Marketing Assistance program provides Manitoba book publishers with project grants that supports efforts to expand and sustain long term marketing activities and to increase the sales of Manitoba books.

Comments on Funding:

Grants awarded are based on a publisher’s eligible sales, marketing costs and an
independent assessment of their overall marketing performance to a maximum of

Deadline: April 15 (annually)

Eligible book publishers must meet the following criteria:

  • be owned by a majority of Canadian citizens or landed immigrants residing in
    Manitoba, with the head office and the majority of operations in Manitoba;
  • be an ongoing operation with publishing as a primary activity (75% of revenues
    and expenses must be publishing related);
  • be in active operation for at least two years;
  • have a majority of titles not authored by principles or employees of the company;
  • have a back list of at least four original, eligible titles with a minimum of two new
    titles published in the last year.
  • Ineligible titles include: directories, index compilations, catalogues of exhibitions, books
    of fewer than 48 pages (except for children’s books), books for which the author does
    not receive a royalty, books to which the author has made a financial contribution
    toward publication costs, and titles not authored by Canadian citizens or landed
Application Steps:


Documentation Needed:


Other Things to Note:

Application Deadline: April 15

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