Publisher Project Support Program

By mmuise

The Publisher Project Support program assists Manitoba publishers with the costs of a single project that will increase their company’s efficiency, productivity and/or overall financial viability. This includes professional skills development, feasibility studies or research, magazine redesign or upgrade, magazine special issues, and magazine marketing initiatives. Priority is given to projects that are part of a long-term company business plan.
This program is offered in two streams:
1. Book publishers, and
2. Magazine publishers.

Comments on Funding:

Grants awarded are based on an independent assessment of the project with support up to a maximum of 50% of total eligible costs. The maximum grant is $15,000.00.

Deadline: April 15 (annually)

All publishers must meet the following criteria:

  • be owned by a majority of Canadian citizens or landed immigrants residing in Manitoba, with
    the head office and the majority of operations in Manitoba;
  • have published books and magazines meeting these criteria:
    a) be edited, published and printed in Canada;
    b) be available for sale in Manitoba;
  • have an ongoing operation with publishing as a primary (75% of revenues and expenses must
    be publishing related);
  • respect all contractual agreements with its creators (writers, photographers, artists, etc.); and
  • have completed all projects previously supported by the program and met all outstanding
    reporting requirements.
    Eligible Book Publishers must:
  • be in active operation for at least two years;
  • have a backlist of at least four original, eligible titles* with at least two new titles published in
    the last year; and
  • have a majority of titles not authored by principles or employees of the company.
  • Ineligible titles (those which cannot be included in calculations of eligible titles) include: directories,
    index compilations, catalogues of exhibitions, books of fewer than 48 pages (except for children’s
    books), books for which the author does not receive a royalty, books to which the author has made
    a financial contribution toward publication costs, and titles not authored by Canadian citizens or
    landed immigrants.
    Eligible Magazine Publishers must:
  • have completed at least one uninterrupted twelve-month publishing cycle and been in
    operation for a complete financial year prior to the application;
  • have magazines be printed and appear in consecutively numbered or dated issues published under a common title, at regular intervals, not more than once every week and at least twice a year;
  • have a print run of at least 500 copies per issue and an average circulation of no less than 250 and of no more than 45,000 copies per issue or 500,000 copies per year;
  • publish no more than seven magazine titles, unless the total average circulation per issue for all titles published does not exceed 50,000 copies;
  • have at least 10% paid circulation and demonstrate an ability to grow the paid circulationmarket, those with less than 50% paid circulation may only apply for projects aimed at building
    the level of paid circulation (Indigenous, ethno-cultural, LGBTQ and official-language minority magazines are exempt from this circulation criterion);
  • have published magazines at time of application through to the completion of an approved project;
  • have published magazines containing an average of at least 70% Canadian editorial content, which will be calculated as a percentage of total editorial content;
  • have a minimum subscription price of $1
  • 00 or more per year or $
  • 00 or more per single copy, or a single copy sold directly to individuals or through newsstands/retailers must be sold
    at $
  • 00 cover price or more per single copy (both the subscription and single copy prices must be clearly displayed in the masthead or on the cover); and
  • have published magazines be available for sale by subscription.
  • Ineligible magazines include: newsletters, newspaper, in-house publications, magazines published
    only in an electronic format, comic books, trade or “business to business” magazines, those
    published only for controlled circulation or free distribution, those circulated only with newspapers,
    directories, catalogues, schedules, calendars, timetables, classifieds or listings, index compilations,
    advertising supplements, and magazines that contain material that is illegal as defined in the
    Criminal Code.
Application Steps:


Documentation Needed:


Other Things to Note:

Application Deadline: April 15

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