Wildlife Damage Compensation

By mmuise

The Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC) offers a Wildlife Damage Compensation Program in Manitoba, Canada. This program provides financial assistance to eligible agricultural producers who have suffered damage to their crops or livestock as a result of wildlife. This program has two major components — compensation for crop damage and compensation for livestock predation. 

Comments on Funding:

The predation component reimburses producers for losses of domestic livestock due to predation — for a portion of the animal's commercial value (maximum of $3,000). Registered purebred livestock is valued at twice that of the commercial market animal.
compensation for wildlife losses is 90% of the value of the loss (45% for extended grazing forages).

Deadline: -

Applicants must:

  • be producers in Manitoba;
  • take all necessary precautions to prevent wildlife damage and predator attacks, take reasonable action to mitigate any injury to livestock, and ensure that injured livestock receive prompt and professional veterinary or other treatment.
Application Steps:


Documentation Needed:


Other Things to Note:

1. No premiums needed to pay. Administration and compensation (up to 80% of the value of loss) of this program is cost-shared by the Government of Canada (60%) and the Province of Manitoba (40%). The cost of compensation above 80% is funded solely by the Province of Manitoba.
2. Losses to crops, agricultural products, and livestock must be reported to MASC within 72 hours of discovering the loss or damage.

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