Feature Film Development Fund

By mmuise

This program will assist eligible applicants with the development of viable motion picture concepts into screenplays for theatrical release. Movies for television are not eligible

Comments on Funding:

1. Funding will be offered in the form of a recoupable advance that must be repaid on the first day of principal photography of the production.
2. Maximum amounts at any phase may be reduced so as not to exceed the overall per project development cap of $35,000.

Deadline: Continuous Intake

The applicant must:

  • be a resident Manitoba producer, defined as a producer who operates a production company in Manitoba that is majority owned and controlled by Manitoba residents. Note: Applications must be submitted by an eligible Manitoba resident producer. Please note that the Eligibility Requirements detailed in the MFM Audit Guidelines shall apply;
  • have a minimum of two years of production experience as a producer and have previously produced at least one project (minimum 30 minutes in broadcast length), which has been either screened by a major network (such as CBC, CTV, Shaw, etc.) or distributed by a recognized distributor (such as eOne, Mongrel, Lionsgate, etc.);
  • have proof of ownership in the underlying property and the necessary, corresponding current rights or options to develop, produce and exploit the production throughout the world (may be shared in the case of codevelopment applications);
  • have project that is:
    a) a feature-length fictional film or a feature-length documentary, as per industry standards;
    b) live-action or animation;
    c) primarily intended for theatrical release; in exceptional circumstances, MFM will consider projects whose primary distribution strategy is web-focused, however, the onus is on the applicant to
    demonstrate that the market trigger is an industry-recognized web distributor and that the strategy for monetization is viable. Projects intended for an initial or primary television broadcast are not eligible. MFM may, at its own discretion, allow projects with broadcaster participation provided there is a confirmed theatrical release;
    c) have secured a minimum of 20% of the development budget by development-targeted financing from an industry-recognized arms’ length distributor or industry-recognized feature film fund, or a combination thereof (see individual phase requirements under Financial Contribution as indicated);
  • Producers who do not meet this requirement but who are judged to have equivalent experience (including experience in interactive digital media) may be deemed eligible at MFM’s sole discretion;
  • The market trigger’s development participation must be in the form of cash, not services, to be eligible;
  • Co-productions or co-ventures will be considered eligible, but MFM will require evidence that the resident Manitoba producer shares ownership in the project;
  • Projects do not have to be intended primarily for the Canadian market, but must meet all other guidelines herein to be eligible;
  • Movies for television (MOWs) are not eligible for this fund, but may apply under the Television and Web-based Development Fund;
  • The project must be in the compliance with the laws, regulations, standards and policies applicable to distribution, broadcasting and to intellectual property, and the project must not infringe upon any public or private rights and must not otherwise contravene the Canadian civil and criminal laws in effect.
Application Steps:


Documentation Needed:


Other Things to Note:

There are no set deadlines for Development, applications can be sent in throughout the year.

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