Commercial Buildings Retrofit Program

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The Commercial Buildings Retrofit Program provides financial incentives to New Brunswick owners and operators of commercial buildings to reduce energy consumption, increase competitiveness, and create healthier, safer, and more comfortable workspaces for both their teams and customers. Funding can be used for an energy audit of the building and for an efficiency retrofitting project.

Comments on Funding:

Funding is up to $8,000 towards an energy audit of your building, and up to $1,100,000 towards an efficiency retrofitting project.

Deadline: -

The following types of buildings are eligible:

  • commercial or institutional buildings such as, but not limited to: agricultural buildings, arenas, grocery stores, health care facilities, hotels, institutional buildings (colleges, hospitals, schools, universities, nursing homes), provincial buildings, office buildings, places of worship, recreational facilities, restaurants, retail buildings, stand-alone warehouses, water and wastewater treatment plants and pumping stations.
  • municipally owned buildings,
  • multi-unit residential buildings that have 3 or more units,
  • mixed-use commercial/residential buildings, including houses that have been modified for commercial use;
  • Multi-building/national accounts.
Application Steps:

The applicant (the owner or operator of a commercial building) must:

1. contact an approved Energy Management Service Provider (EMSP) or Specialized Service Provider

(SSP) to schedule an energy audit. The EMSP will perform the audit, discuss potential projects, prepare an audit report and submit an application on the applicant's behalf to NB Power. The Commercial Buildings Retrofit Program documents will be sent by email to the Participant once NB Power receives the program application.

2. return to NB Power the signed Program Agreement. The EMSP will submit proof of payment for the energy audit and the applicant will be issued the audit incentive payment within 60 days. 3. submit his Statement of Work to NB Power, once he reveives the audit report. 4. wait for the approval letter to get started and proceed with implementing the recommendations.

5. request the incentive payment.

Documentation Needed:

The applicant must submit:
1. the signed Program Agreement,
2. the Audit Report which provides detailed information on potential energy efficiency projects along with their estimated costs, energy savings, and an estimate of the time it will take for the investment to be paid back as a result of energy savings,
3. the Statement of Work which documents the efficiency projects the applicant intends to implement,
4. the Request for Payment form along with copies of invoices, receipts, etc.

Other Things to Note:

The Commercial Building Retrofit Program has funding available for both electric and non-electric saving opportunities. Non-electric funding will expire on December 21, 2023

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