Downtown Housing Incentive Program

By mmuise

The Downtown Housing Incentive Program provides funding to attract and retain downtown residents by incentivizing the creation of new housing in the Business Improvement Areas.

Comments on Funding:

Funding is up to $10,000 per qualified dwelling unit.

Deadline: Continuous Intake

The applicant must have a registered ownership interest in the property named in the application based on the Service NB Property Account Number (PAN).
Eligible projects:

  • must be located within the Business Improvement Area (BIA),
  • shall consist of the construction of new self-contained residential units with a minimum area of 5
  • 7 m2 (600 ft2) and an average area of 7
  • 3 m2 (800 ft2) within the project,
  • can include new buildings or existing buildings however the incentive will be applicable to the creation or addition of new self-contained units only.
  • must not be underway prior to the approval of the incentive application,
  • properties outlined in the application must not be in arrears in taxes, municipal utilities or any other municipal charges,
  • must meet or exceed all requirements of the City of Miramichi Zoning Bylaw #91 and building code requirements as determined by the GMRSC – Planning Services,
  • that include a commercial property, must have the BIA Levy for the subject property (PAN) up to date and paid in full for the previous taxation year,
  • must not include properties which received money from this program during the previous two (2) calendar years.
Application Steps:

Applicants must:

1. contact the City of Miramichi, Department of Economic Development & Tourism to discuss the program and determine pre-eligibility, 2. complete a signed Application form provided by the Department including all necessary supporting documentation as required on the application.

Documentation Needed:

Applicants must submit:
1. the completed application form,
2. a complete project description,
3. a detailed project budget,
4. detailed plans (site plan, floor plans, façade details, etc.),
5. planning permit (if required),
6. copy of most recent property assessment notice from service NB,
7. construction schedule (start and finish date),

Other Things to Note:

Grants will be available until the budgeted amount of this program has been depleted for any calendar year.

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