Film – Promotional Travel Assistance

By mmuise

The Promotional Travel Assistance Program offers support to help cover costs associated with attending film, television, and new media industry events, festivals, or professional development workshops where significant training opportunities and/or the potential for co-production agreements exist, or where the applicant’s work has been selected for screening and/or industry recognition.

Comments on Funding:

Funding is 50% of the total net cost of expenses incurred (excluding HST), to a maximum of $ 2,000 CAN.
The applicant may access funding from other agencies. However, the applicant must personally pay a minimum of 25% of the total expenditures.

Deadline: Continuous Intake

The applicant must be a New Brunswick-based producer company.

Application Steps:

The applicant:

1. should submit a request for travel assistance a minimum of four (4) weeks before the event,

2. must send all applications and supporting documentation electronically by email to

Documentation Needed:

The applicant must submit:
1. the completed application form,
2. his biography, including production credits in the film, television and new media industry,
3. detailed information on the special event or festival,
4. evidence of the invitation to or registration at the festival or special event,
5. a detailed budget illustrating expenses and sources of confirmed or anticipated funds (allowable expenses include registration, airfare, accommodation, and per diem),
6. a travel schedule,
7. upon return: proper documents, including final receipts, and a final report on results achieved from attending the event.

Other Things to Note:

The Department will accept applications until depletion of the Promotional Travel Assistance budget.

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