Heritage Maintenance Grants

By mmuise

The Heritage Conservation Grants Program incentivizes owners to maintain their properties in accordance of the Saint John Heritage Conservation Areas By-law.
The Heritage Maintenance Grants are available to properties without a Conservation Plan in place and are also available to tenants for storefront signage.

Comments on Funding:

Funding will take the form of a grant of 25% up to a maximum of $750 per year.

Deadline: Continuous Intake

The applicant:

  • must own a property that is a non-government owned designated heritage property located within one of the designated Saint John Conservation Heritage Areas and is covered by insurance;
  • must be in good standing with the City of Saint John and shall not have unpaid property taxes;
  • must not have any outstanding property-related by-law violations and/or building permit violations:
  • can be a tenant, if applying for storefront signage.
Application Steps:

Applicants must:

1. obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness (Heritage Permit) and building permit (if required);

2. complete and submit the application form.

Documentation Needed:

Applicants must submit:
1. recent photographs of all sides of the building and detailed photographs of area related to proposed work;
2. written project cost estimate;
3. a completed application form;
4. the Grant Summary Form once the project work related to the grant application is complete in order to receive grant funding.

Other Things to Note:


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