Junior Mining Assistance Program (JMAP)

By mmuise

The New Brunswick Junior Mining Assistance Program (NBJMAP) is a financial assistance program for private-sector Junior companies. It provides up to 50% of eligible costs, within defined limits, for mineral exploration projects and is intended to increase the probability of finding economically viable mineral resources in New Brunswick.

Comments on Funding:

Funding is up to 50% of eligible costs, within defined limits ($10,000-$50,000).

Deadline: Rolling deadline

Applicants must:

  • be private or publicly traded mineral exploration company,
  • hold the mineral rights, or an option agreement, to the property considered in the application,
  • not have a self-sustained cash flow from operations,
  • not be a subsidiary of a major mining company,
  • have fulfilled all commitments for any previous grants from the MPPD;
  • have mineral exploration and development as its principal business.
Application Steps:

Applicants must submit the completed application form (digital format preferred) to the Exploration Assistance Program Coordinator, Geological Surveys Branch, DNRED.

Documentation Needed:

Applicants must submit the completed application form, including:
1. the history of land tenure and mineral exploration on the mineral prospect,
2. a detailed description of planned exploration work,
3. the geological map and the geological model,
4. maps showing the location of proposed work,
5. details of proposed expenditures.

A final report is required, which must be similar to Report of Work for a mineral claim and accompanied by receipts for eligible expenditures.

Other Things to Note:

No other details available.

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