Wage Support Program for Early Childhood Educators (WSP-ECE)

By mmuise

The Wage Support Program for Early Childhood Educators (WSP-ECE) is a wage enhancement program administered by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development to support Operators of Early Learning and Childcare facilities with the recruitment and retention of trained educators.

Comments on Funding:

There are two levels of funding, depending on the training of the educator:
1. Level 1 - For educators that have:
a) a Certificate or Diploma in Early Childhood Education,
b) a related degree in Education or Early Childhood Development,
c) an unrelated degree, they will receive:

Designated facilities (0-5 years old):
Step 1: $9.25/hour;
Step 2: $10.45/hour;
Step 3: $11.72/hour.

School Age:
Step 1: $7.25/hour;
Step 2: $8.45/hour;
Step 3: $9.72/hour.

Non-designated facilities: $7.25/hour

2. Entry Level - For educators that:
a) have Introduction to Early Childhood Education (90 hours),
b) are school age educators or relief staff (untrained), they will receive:

Designated facilities (0-5 years old):
Step 1: $3.15/hour;
Step 2: $4.12/hour;
Step 3: $5.15/hour.

School Age:
Step 1: $1.15/hour;
Step 2: $2.12/hour;
Step 3: $3.15/hour.

Non-designated: $3.15/hour

Other information:
1. The minimum contribution for an operator to the salary of an educator working in a designated facility is $11.75/hour.
2. The wage top-up for designated facilities is inclusive of the province’s $2.00/hour to offset the minimum wage increases.
3. Operators of non-designated (0-5 years old) and school age facilities are responsible for providing the provincial minimum wage to their educators.

Deadline: Continuous Intake

Applicants must:

  • be operators of licenced early learning and childcare facilities,
  • be located in New Brunswick,
  • enrol their qualifying educators.

    Eligible educators must be:
  • educators who contribute to the child-to-staff ratio and work in an educational capacity,
  • Early Learning and Childcare Home Operators,
  • administrators who act as pedagogical leaders (must be recognized as such by EECD and listed as administrator on the licencing documentation),
  • relief staff who are employed on a short term, temporary, or on-call basis, who are replacing the hours of an educator who cannot be present due to an authorized short or defined period of time such as, sick leave, appointments, vacation,
  • relief staff working with preschool age children for 10+ days/month (or 88+ hrs/month), if they have completed the Entry Level training.
Application Steps:

The applicant must:

1. first login to the Operator Portal and consent to the Terms and Conditions for the WSP-ECE, 2. enrol the qualifying educators, 3. report the actual hours worked by all eligible employees on a monthly basis, 4. review funding statements, 5. renew program registration annually.

Documentation Needed:

The applicant must submit ECE certificates and diplomas completed in or after June 2009.

Other Things to Note:


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