James R. Pearcey Award for Entrepreneurship

By mmuise

The James R. Pearcey Award for Entrepreneurship celebrates entrepreneurial spirit.

Comments on Funding:

Funding is an award of $10,000.

Deadline: Rolling deadline

The applicant must:

  • be an undergraduate student in the Faculty of Business Administration in any academic year;
  • be in clear academic standing (though academic performance may be considered);
  • show clear evidence of a significant propensity toward entrepreneurial activities and study.
Application Steps:

Applicants can apply either by:

1. submitting a business plan to busihelp@mun.ca;

2. or by submitting an essay to busihelp@mun.ca.

Documentation Needed:

1. must submit either a business plan or an essay;
2. may submit other supporting documentation such as letters of reference, a resume or curriculum vitae.

Other Things to Note:

Nov. 2023:
Stay tuned for additional application info [awarded annually].

Applications closed on February 4, 2022. Check the website for updates.

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