Self-Employment Assistance – Individuals

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Self-Employment Assistance is an employment program that provides financial and entrepreneurial assistance to eligible individuals to help them create jobs for themselves by starting a business. The maximum duration of an agreement with a participant is 52 weeks, and 78 weeks for persons with a disability.

Comments on Funding:

The applicant currently receiving Employment Insurance benefits, may continue to receive these benefits until the end of his benefit period, after which he may be eligible to receive a living allowance to the end of his Self-Employment Assistance agreement. The living allowance rate for Self-employment Assistance participants is set at $524 per week.
If the applicant is not in receipt of Employment Insurance benefits, he may be eligible to receive financial assistance for living expenses.
Assistance may be provided in exceptional circumstances to cover all or part of the following costs related to participation (e.g., dependent care, disability needs, transportation and accommodation).

Deadline: Continuous Intake

The applicant must:

  • be an unemployed individual,
  • have a current EI claim or for whom a benefit period is established or whose benefit period has ended within the previous 60 months,
  • be a resident of the Newfoundland & Labrador province,
  • be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident legally entitled to work in Canada,
  • participate in employment plan development with referral to Self-employment Coordinator,
  • have a preliminary business concept validated by Self-employment Coordinator,
  • have an Employment Plan that identifies Self-employment Assistance as an appropriate intervention for them. The self-employment business shall be:
  • a business that will not result in putting another individual out of business,
  • full-time, which means participants must devote at least 35 hours per week to developing and/or implementing their business plan. Fewer hours may be approved for a person with a disability that necessitates part-time employment,
  • either a new business, or an existing business in which the eligible participant had no prior ownership.
Application Steps:

The applicant must:

1. complete the application form,

2. submit it to his local Immigration, Population Growth and Skills office.

Documentation Needed:

No specific documentation has been identified.

Other Things to Note:

No other details available.

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