Support for Entrepreneurs and Economic Development (SEED): Business Intelligence and Networking

By mmuise

The Business Intelligence and Networking program provides financial assistance to NWT businesses assisting with costs associated with attendance at seminars and trade shows to access information regarding new technologies or business opportunities.

Comments on Funding:

1. Assistance may be provided to a maximum of $4,000 per Resident per trip. A NWT Business may submit an application for as many as two Residents.
2. The maximum funding available to any Resident or NWT Business in the Business Intelligence and Networking category is $8,000 per year.
3. Trip costs must exceed $1,500 (that is per traveller) and eligible costs are limited to event registration fees, lowest available airfare, and standard accommodation. Expenses including, but not limited to per diems, incidentals, salaries, and honoraria are excluded.

Deadline: Continuous Intake

Applicants must:

  • be NWT Residents;
  • be NWT Businesses;
  • meet the following equity requirements:
    a) minimum of $500 allocated towards eligible costs for travel inside the NWT.
    b) minimum of $1,000 allocated towards eligible costs for travel outside the NWT.
Application Steps:


Documentation Needed:


Other Things to Note:

Funding is available from April 1 to March 31st annually.

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