Renewable Energy

By mmuise

The Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) provides communities, commercial businesses, non-profit organizations and NWT residents funding for renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, wood pellet heating, biofuel/synthetic gas and ground source heat pumps.

Comments on Funding:

Funding takes the form of rebates of up to:
- $50,000 for businesses, community governments, Indigenous governments and non-profit organizations;
- $20,000 for residents.

The rebate amount applicants receive will be the lower of:
- 50% of the total eligible costs of your project;
- a calculation based on the amount of money and greenhouses gases that their project will save (for projects other than solar electric systems);
- (for solar electric projects only) a calculation of $4.00 per watt that the system can produce.

Deadline: Continuous Intake

Applicants must be:

  • residents;
  • businesses;
  • community governments;
  • Indigenous governments;
  • non-profit organizations;
  • based in Northwest Territories.
Application Steps:


Documentation Needed:


Other Things to Note:


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