Disaster Financial Assistance for Small Businesses: Hurricane Fiona (formerly: Disaster Financial Assistance for Small Businesses: Storm Flooding)

By mmuise

The Disaster Financial Assistance Program helps small businesses with costs to repair or replace uninsurable, essential basic property loss (like appliances and furniture) due to Hurricane Fiona. The program is also available to residential property owners and tenants and non-profits.

Comments on Funding:

Funding is up to $200,000 for repair and replacement costs.

Deadline: -

Small businesses can apply for financial assistance if:

  • the damage occurred during Hurricane Fiona on 23 to 24 September 2022;
  • they don't have insurance to cover their entire loss;
  • the business owns or leases the property;
  • they are a sole proprietor or own at least 50% of the business and they’re their full-time, day-to-day manager;
  • the yearly gross revenue is at least $10,000 and not more than $2,000,000.
Application Steps:

Applicants must:

1. complete the application form;

2. check the application for details on all required supporting documents;

3. send their completed application and supporting documents by email to emo@novascotia.ca;

4. mail a signed copy of the application form and attachments by January 31, 2023 to: Disaster Financial Assistance, PO Box 2581

Halifax, NS B3J 3N5.

Documentation Needed:

Applicants must submit:
1. confirmation of Insurance Form;
2. income and Employee Eligibility Confirmation Form; 3. ownership Eligibility Confirmation Form; 4. the application form;
5. photos of the damage, as well as any “before” photos if they have any;
6. itemized description of damage or loss and replacement cost estimates;
7. copy of their rental agreement, if applicable;
8. letter verifying business management and ownership;
9. letter verifying their gross annual business income.

Other Things to Note:

211 Nova Scotia can answer questions about the application process and help identify what information and supporting documents you need.

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