Energy Rebates

By mmuise

Efficiency Nova Scotia provides energy rebates to businesses that choose energy efficient product solutions that can help them save energy, and the environment. The rebates make it more affordable to integrate these products into the business.

Comments on Funding:

Energy rebates apply to upgrade projects or specific items.
Small Businesses may receive a free energy assessment, rebates of up to 80% on upgrade projects, and 24-months interest free financing. Maximum payment will not exceed 60% of the equipment purchase price.
Potential Rebate examples:
1. for energy efficient lighting upgrades, the potential rebate ranges from $3 to $500,
2. for products like air and ground source heat pumps, HVAC sensors the potential rebate ranges from $50 to $800,
3. for kitchen equipment the potential rebate is $2,000.

Deadline: Continuous Intake

Applicants must:

  • buy new equipment only,
  • install products that reduce electrical consumption in a non-residential building serviced by a Nova Scotia electric utility,
  • be all types of businesses, including small businesses, operating in a variety of sectors, like manufacturing, hospitality, agriculture, retail and others.
Application Steps:

Applicants must:

1. complete the contact form to help Efficiency Nova Scotia better understand their business and provide them with the best solutions, complete the contact form,

2. describe their next project, or give some details about what they’re looking to achieve,

4. receive Efficiency Nova Scotia's pre-approval prior to purchase and installation, in order to eligible for rebates and financing options,

3. certify that all equipment for which they are requesting a rebate has been installed within the last 90 days.

Documentation Needed:

The applicant must submit the following documents:
1. commercial product rebate application, 2. applicable worksheets,
3. detailed quote, 4. final detailed invoice with proof of purchase, 5. proof of purchase from the distributor or retailer along with the contractors invoice on the eligible products that were approved by Efficiency Nova Scotia, 6. project completion form, 7. a copy of an electric bill showing the Nova Scotia Rate Code and other information deemed necessary by Efficiency Nova Scotia to adequately review the rebate request.

Other Things to Note:

The Average Small Business Rebate was $5014.75.

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