Clean Leadership Summer Internships

By mmuise

The Clean Leadership Summer Internship program is a wage subsidized program that not only provides experiential learning opportunities, but also professional skills training, networking, and mentorship to interns in Nova Scotia. Clean provides equitable internship opportunities for all youth. Employers will benefit from the added capacity that talented and innovative youth provide, as well as from full HR, payroll and ongoing program support from Clean throughout the summer.

Comments on Funding:

Funding is a 60% wage subsidy. Clean’s baseline rate is $15.30/ $16.30 per hour.

Deadline: Applications are closed. Stay tuned for future intake announcements.

Employers must:

  • be community groups, associations, and businesses who share Clean Foundation's vision of supporting youth employment and growing the clean economy in Nova Scotia and PEI;
  • provide internships projects in:
    a) agro-ecology,
    b) alternative and sustainable transportation;
    c) carbon and climate change mitigation;
    d) clean tech R&D;
    e) eco-tourism;
    f) education and engagement;
    g) energy;
    h) Information and communications technology;
    i) sustainable planning and urban design;
    j ) resource conservation;
    k) research;
    l) waste;
    m) water.

Application Steps:

Applicants must

1. submit their completed applications (including all appendices);

2. indicate the type (i.e., 9-week or 15-week) and number of interns they are requesting. In the application, the general opportunities category incorporates all interns including those who would be eligible under other opportunities;

3. must apply during the intake period;

4. must contact Clean Foundation by email:, for any questions.

Documentation Needed:

Employer applicants must provide the following information:
1. Company/Organization Contact Information and Department Information (If Applicable), including Organization Main Focus and Federal Riding
2. Primary Contact Information and Secondary (If Applicable);
3. Internship Details;
a) Project title, Job title, location, and description;
b) Primary project focus;
c) Requested number of interns;
d) Intended hourly rate of pay.
4. Any Health & Safety plans in place for position;
5. Any sources of additional funding for the position;
6. Appendices (to be completed first and submitted with application):
a) Specific job details and plans for the position(s);
b) Intended skills and outcomes interns will gain from the position;
c) Benefits that help distinguish this position from others.

Other Things to Note:

The Clean Leadership Summer Internship program was formerly the Nova Scotia Youth Conservation Corps.
Applications for Employers are open from January 3, 2023 until January 17, 2023.
Intern applications will open on February 27, 2023.

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