Nunavut Spend Incentive Program: Stream II

By mmuise

The Nunavut Spend Incentive Program provides film production companies a rebate on the total eligible costs for production goods and services produced and consumed in Nunavut. Companies that are equal or minority owned, controlled and creatively directed by residents of Nunavut can apply for Spending Stream II (Equal or Minority Nunavut ownership).

Comments on Funding:

1. Stream II provides a rebate of 17% of the total eligible costs of production good and services purchased and consumed in Nunavut. Only those eligible productions which spend more than $25,000 on goods and services consumed in Nunavut are eligible to apply for a rebate.
2. Nunavut Spend Incentive will support series production on the following basis:
a) Season One: 100% of the applicable rebate,
b) Season Two: 80% of the applicable rebate,
c) Season Three: 60% of the applicable rebate,
d) Season Four: 40% of the applicable rebate,
e) Season Five: 20% of the applicable rebate,
f) Season Six: No Funding.

Deadline: Continuous Intake

The applicant must:

  • be a production company incorporated pursuant to the laws of the Territory of Nunavut or Canada whose primary activity is developing and producing film, television and/or digital media content, with equal or minority Nunavut ownership;
  • be able to demonstrate that they own 100% of copyright in the eligible production, or first option to adapt the underlying property and acquire copyright ownership
  • be in good standing with the relevant Corporate Registry with respect to Stream II applications for eligible productions with budgets exceeding $500,000 only: be able to provide written evidence that the applicant, or its affiliate, has entered into an agreement with a licensed Canadian broadcaster or bona fide distributor.

    Each Producer named in the application must meet the following minimum criteria:
  • be an individual whose primary business activity to date has been developing, producing, marketing and exploiting film, television and/or digital media project(s); and
  • be an individual who:
    a) is a central decision-maker at all levels in respect of the eligible production,
    b) is directly responsible for the creative direction, financial control, completion, delivery and exploitation of the eligible production;
    c) is contractually entitled to reasonable, verifiable and commensurate monetary
    participation in budgeted Producer fees and net profits;
    d) is contractually entitled to receive on-screen credit as a Producer, Executive Producer, or Co-Producer and, ultimately, identified in the production as being a Producer, Executive Producer

  • At least one of the Individual Producers named in the application must be a resident of Nunavut.
  • An Individual Producer can be an Executive Producer, Producer, or a Co-Producer, is in good standing with Nunavut Film.
Application Steps:


Documentation Needed:


Other Things to Note:

Application Intake: Ongoing.

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