Digital Service Squad Grant Program

By mmuise

Digital Main Street (DMS) is a program focused on assisting brick-and-mortar small businesses with their adoption of technology. The Digital Service Squad Grant Program will provide training, advisory support and funds to hire local Digital Service Squad members across Ontario.

Comments on Funding:

The exact funding amount per applicant will be based on the number of qualified small businesses with brick-and-mortar locations. The grant minimum is $5,000 and grant maximum is $200,000 (based on a twelve-month project).
The maximum grant amount is (based on the number of brick-and-mortar small businesses forecasted to be served in the catchment area within each 12-month project period):
1. under 100 businesses - maximum $35,000;
2. 100 – 200 businesses - maximum $75,000;
3. 201 – 300 businesses - maximum $100,000;
4. 301 – 400 businesses - maximum $125,000;
5. 401 – 500 businesses - maximum $150,000;
6. 501 – 600 businesses - maximum $200,000;
7. over 600 businesses – to be determined.

Deadline: Applications are closed. Stay tuned for future intake announcements.

The applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • is a local BIA located in Ontario and/or;
  • is a municipality, Chamber of Commerce, Board of Trade, or Small Business Enterprise Centre and is located in Ontario and/or;
  • is an area where one of the following may apply on behalf of a collaborative partnership;
  • that includes: a BIA, a municipality, a Chamber of Commerce, a Board of Trade, and/or a Small Business Enterprise Centre;
  • must have the infrastructure to administer the goals of the project;
  • must commit to completing all required reporting and all HubSpot data entry by stated due dates;
  • must have support, in writing, from all (partner) areas being covered.
Application Steps:

Applicants must:

1. go to and complete an online profile (prior grantees may contact for an application form);

2. complete an application form to include:

a. organizational structure and define who will be responsible for the administration of the contribution funds, along with applicable contact info;

b. include details of any partnership formed for the purpose of executing the grant and copies of any applicable partnership agreements or memoranda of understanding;

c. describe the geographic area, including the number of BIAs (if applicable);

d. number of eligible businesses to be served in-person and/or virtually by DSS members;

3. submit an action plan to include a timeline for:

a. executing the project within the designated area/s;

b. hiring and training DSS members;

c. hosting DSS launch event/informational sessions for promoting DSS members, if applicable;

d. issuing a press release, if applicable;

e. purchasing equipment, if applicable;

4. any academic partnerships that will assist with potential student hires.

Documentation Needed:

Applicants must submit:
1. the application form;
2. an action plan;
3. a detailed budget to include a narrative on how the funds will be used;
4. monthly progress reports and a final report that includes all costs;
5. a summary of all costs less any applicable HST rebate or discount.

Other Things to Note:

If you wish to have more information on the program or sign up on a wait list, contact Please note, this grant opportunity is not available to small businesses
At this time the application portal is now closed as grant funds are exhausted.

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