Eco-Roof Incentive Program: Green Roof Structural Assessment Grant (SAG)

By mmuise

The Eco-Roof Incentive Program provides grants to support the installation of green roofs and cool roofs on Toronto homes and buildings. Additional funding is available to help offset the cost of a structural assessment to determine if an existing building can carry the additional weight of a green roof.

Comments on Funding:

Funding is up to $1,000.

Deadline: Currently accepting applications

Applicants must:

  • carry on green roof projects only;
  • own existing buildings only;
  • hire a structural engineer licensed to work in the Province of Ontario;
  • complete a structural assessment before the green roof is installed. The structural assessment must evaluate the ability of a building to hold the weight of a green roof only (no additional elements such as decking, pool, furniture, etc.)
Application Steps:

1. Applicants must submit the completed application form.

2. The Program is undertaken annually and applications will be reviewed on a monthly basis, subject to funding availability.

3. Applicants will be informed of whether or not they have been approved for funding within six (6) weeks of submitting an application.

Documentation Needed:

Applicants must submit:
1. the completed and compliant Eco-Roof application form;
2. detailed plans of the proposal showing percentage coverage, plant material and type of growing medium and construction details;
3. a copy of the maintenance plan as required in the Toronto Green Roof Construction Standard;
4. detailed construction drawings/roof plan;
5. 5-year maintenance contract or equivalent assurance;
6. current photo of existing roof;
7. a copy of the structural assessment report that evaluates the ability of a building to hold the weight of a green roof that meets the requirements of the Green Roof Construction Standards;
8. a copy of the paid invoice for the structural assessment.

These two supporting documents (7 and 8) must be submitted with Eco-Roof Incentive Program application before the green roof is installed.
If the structural engineer determines that the building cannot support the additional load of a green roof, the applicant is not required to install a green roof, but is still eligible for SAG funding.

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