Heritage Incentive Program

By mmuise

The Charlottetown Heritage Incentive Program includes both monetary and nonmonetary incentives for development of individually designated properties and/or properties located in the Heritage Preservation Area. The program is designed to provide financial assistance as well as recognition for the appropriate development of heritage resources within the City.

Comments on Funding:

The Heritage Incentive Program includes the following incentives: 1. Grants for exterior alterations are offered at 30% of total eligible costs to a maximum of $5,000 for major renovation projects. General maintenance may be funded to a maximum of $1,000. Grants for signage are offered at 50% of total eligible costs to a maximum of $1,000. Window replacements may be funded at 50% to the $5,000 maximum. 2. A graduated tax freeze on the increase in the municipal portion only of the assessed value for a period of five years is offered to heritage resource properties. 3. Building permit fees for all heritage applications reviewed by the Heritage Board and approved by City Council are eliminated. 4. Heritage Awards presented annually to individuals or groups who have made significant contributions to the heritage of the city. This may have been achieved through building restoration, publications, public spaces or landscapes, or heritage activities.

Deadline: Rolling deadline

Applicants must:

  • be property owners whose property is a designated heritage resource and/or a resource located in the Heritage Preservation Area, which is not tax delinquent;
  • be Individuals or groups who have contributed significantly to the heritage of the city are also, if applying for a heritage award.
Application Steps:

Applicants for a Heritage Grant must:

1. make an application to the Heritage Office of the City of Charlottetown Planning Department. Applications should be received at least six (6) weeks prior to the anticipated project commencement;

2. sign a development agreement with the City of Charlottetown before work begins, if the application is approved (by signing the Heritage Grant application, the applicant certifies that no work eligible for grant funding has yet taken place).

A Heritage Tax Freeze application must be received by the City of Charlottetown within one year from the date of issue of the relevant building permit to be eligible. In cases where work is ongoing beyond one year from the date of issue of the building permit, written acknowledgement from the City of Charlottetown is required by this date.

Consideration for a Heritage Award is automatic where a heritage resource has made application for alterations, which have been reviewed by the Heritage Board over the previous five-year period. Nominations for properties, which have been significantly well maintained and have not been reviewed by the Heritage Board in the previous five (5) years may be made at the Planning Department.

Documentation Needed:

Applicants for the Heritage Grants must submit:
1. at least two (2) cost estimates;
2. the paid bills as proof with a written request for payment of the grant;
3. photographs of the completed project;
Applicants for the Heritage Tax Freeze must submit:
2. verification that no taxes are owing on the property; 3. an approved City of Charlottetown building permit for work completed on the property; 4. a statement detailing other sources of funding for the project;
5. proof of a change in the tax assessment of the property following work approved under the building permit issued by the City; 6. proof of taxes paid with a written request for reimbursement under the Tax Freeze Program.

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