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Datapreneur is a 16-week program

Comments on Funding:

Finalists can receive scholarships.

Deadline: Applications are closed. Stay tuned for future intake announcements. The previous deadline was on September 17, 2023.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Applicants must be:
    a) researchers and professors,
    b) graduate students,
    c) graduates,
    d) professionals,
    e) entrepreneurs.
    a) An application can be submitted by a single person or by a team. Skills of the candidate (if he is alone in the project) or of the entrepreneurial team to carry out the business project will be considered in the selection process.
  • The business project must:
    a) be innovative;
    b) have commercial potential;
    c) be set up in Canada.
    Note that the selected projects may be developed in any legal form (stock company, cooperative, non-profit, etc.).
Application Steps:


Documentation Needed:


Other Things to Note:

Throughout the course, participants take part in:
1. workshops;
2. boot camps;
3. co-development activities;
4. personalized coaching focused on the business and technical aspects, but also on the human and strategic aspects;
5. networking activities with experts of all kinds (artificial intelligence, business financing, venture capital, legal, entrepreneurship, etc.);
6. testimonials from entrepreneurs;
7. mentoring sessions with seasoned experts and entrepreneurs in stages 2 and 3.

Participants also benefit from:
1. scholarships for finalists (towards the end of the course: stage 3);
2. practical tools to adopt in the development of their business;
3. help resources for their prototype;
4. support to build their team (if necessary).

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