Aide à la production

By mmuise

SODEC supports under this program:
- fiction feature film projects (part 1);
- short fiction and documentary film projects (part 2);
- short-format narrative digital projects (part 2), i.e. audiovisual works of fiction or documentaries that develop a narrative proposal, linear or non-linear, interactive or immersive, intended for visual technologies (virtual reality, augmented or mixed) allowing user participation;
- medium-length and feature-length documentary projects — unique works (part 3).

Comments on Funding:

1. SODEC's cumulative financial contribution can reach a maximum of $115,000 and must be used to finance the Quebec share of the estimate.
2. SODEC's financial participation is selective:
a) In the case of a feature-length fiction film (part 1) and a medium-length and feature-length documentary (part 3), the aid is granted in the form of a recoverable investment.
b) In the case of a short fiction film, a short documentary film and short-format narrative digital projects (part 2), assistance is granted in the form of a grant.

Deadline: Application intake deadlines vary per stream.

Applicants must:

  • be Quebec production companies:
  • demonstrate that its directors and producers have relevant professional experience to:
    a) effectively oversee the creative aspects of the production;
    b) adeptly manage all administrative and financial aspects to successfully complete the production under the best conditions;
    c. anticipate and actively manage the production's exploitation;
    d) The company must also demonstrate, if requested by SODEC, that it has the financial capacity to support the cash flow of the envisaged production.
  • An eligible company must provide all required documents for the opening or updating of its master file at the time of submission, and must necessarily contact SODEC at least one month before the planned submission date according to the submission schedule, in order to establish its eligibility.
Application Steps:


Documentation Needed:


Other Things to Note:

Application intake deadlines, see details here:

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