Contrat integration travail (Work Integration Contract)

By mmuise

This program is designed for employers to get salary support and reimbursement of certain additional expenses necessary for the integration and employment of a person with a disability.

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Deadline: -

Eligible Employer:

  • Any employer willing to collaborate in the integration and retention of a person with disabilities is eligible;
  • A company or organization with a significant proportion of disabled individuals as part of the measure may not be considered a standard environment. A maximum percentage of subsidized positions per employer can be established at the regional level.

    Eligible Individual - To be eligible for active measures, the person must meet one of the following criteria:
  • Receiving employment insurance benefits;
  • Receiving financial assistance of last resort;
  • A person without public income support (not receiving employment insurance or financial assistance of last resort);
  • A person receiving support from another public program (Norms, Equity, Health and Safety at Work Commission, Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec, Quebec Pension Plan). They can benefit from the measure for services not covered by the concerned program;
  • A temporary foreign worker. Part-time or full-time students can benefit from the measure.

    Eligible Job:
  • The job targeted by the measure must match the person's abilities and not unduly confront them with their disabilities;
  • Tasks must be reasonably adapted based on the person's capabilities and disabilities;
  • A person can participate in the measure for more than one job at the same time, within a maximum total weekly schedule of 40 hours;
  • The job must involve a minimum of 12 hours worked per week;
  • The job must represent a vacant or additional position;
  • It can be a temporary or permanent job;
  • The occupied position must be located in Quebec.
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