Entente de partenariat régional et de transformation numérique en tourisme 2022-2025 (EPRTNT 2022-2025) (Regional Partnership and Digital Transformation Agreement for Tourism 2022-2025)

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EPRTNT 2022-2025 funds projects that renew and enhance the tourism offers for different regions across the province. Projects must promote the achievement of objectives to stimulate the economy of Quebec regions and promote the development of a responsible and sustainable tourism offer. These projects must correspond to one of the six categories: attractions, activities and facilities; structuring of the regional tourism offer; accommodation; festivals and events; studies and consulting services; or digital development of a business.

Comments on Funding:

1. The financial assistance granted to a construction project of $100,000 or more is subject to the obligation to conduct a public tender for the award of a construction contract.
2. Financial assistance of $100,000 or more granted to an LBO (Large Business Organization) with over 100 employees must include the obligation for the organization to commit to implementing an equal access program in accordance with the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms (RLRQ, chapter C-12).

Deadline: The application submission deadlines vary from one tourist region to another. Consult your regional tourist association for more details.

Applicants are the following tourism organizations:

  • For-profit organizations (FPO);
  • Non-profit organizations (NPO);
  • Cooperatives;
  • Municipal entities;
  • Recognized Indigenous communities and nations by the National Assembly, as well as Indigenous organizations and businesses;
  • Any grouping of these applicants are also eligible.
Application Steps:


Documentation Needed:


Other Things to Note:

Projects must fit into one of the six categories described below.
1. Attractions, activities and equipment
This category refers to all the elements making up the tourist offer of a territory. Projects for the construction, expansion or improvement of tourist infrastructure as well as projects for the consolidation, establishment, expansion or modernization of an attraction, equipment, activity or tourist services.

2. Structuring of the regional tourist offer
One-time financial assistance may be granted to local structuring projects. The theme must be representative of the region and have an effect on the territory of more than one MRC (or community for the regional tourist associations of Nord-du-Québec). The project must demonstrate an ability to generate benefits for several partners. It can be coordinated by the ATR or any other entity recognized and accepted by the management committee, and must receive financial support from various organizations or companies in the territory.
Eligible are projects related to the establishment of tourist routes and circuits or the development of a thematic product, or any other project demonstrating a structuring of the tourist offer. The sustainability of the project must be demonstrated and spread over more than three years.

3. Accommodation
The project submitted must allow:
• to structure a particular territory;
• make up for a shortage of accommodation units;
• raise the quality level of the accommodation sector;
• to extend the period of activity and opening of the enterprise;
• or to offer new services adapted to tourist clienteles.

4. Festivals and events
Financial assistance for the holding of a festival or event may be granted to public events deemed regionally relevant and which are not supported under the Financial Assistance for Festivals and Tourism Events program of the Ministry of Tourism. .
A festival or tourist event corresponds to a public event:
• produced in and set in Quebec;
• organized according to a theme and a program of activities that attract a large number of visitors (excursionists and tourists) and that enliven the destination.
Festivals and one-time events that demonstrate an ability to generate significant visitor traffic (excursionists and tourists) and that enliven the destination may be considered.
Financial assistance for an infrastructure project or consulting services for a festival or event may be granted by the EPRTNT. However, this type of project must be submitted in the “Attractions, activities and equipment” or “Studies and consulting services” category.

5. Studies and consulting services
Financial assistance may be granted for the awarding of a contract to a consultant to provide consulting services or to carry out a study, a diagnosis, individual business support or any other project aimed at improving management practices. business related to:
• workforce skills development;
• customer service;
• digital needs;
• the development of a new project or a new activity;
• developing and implementing responsible and sustainable policies, practices or initiatives.
The mandate must be carried out by a specialized firm or a recognized organization following a call for tenders (two tenders are required).

6. Digital business development
Financial assistance may be granted to a business to help it increase virtual or digital interactions with its customers while improving their experience.
This includes projects to set up digital applications (payment terminal, virtual card, reservation system, reception terminal, robot for delivery, etc.).
This category concerns the implementation of business solutions in an organization. For a digital attraction project, refer to the “Attractions, activities and equipment” category. For a needs analysis project, see the “Studies and consulting services” category.

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