Nouvelle construction efficace (New Efficient Construction Efficient New Building)

By mmuise

The grant is aimed at encouraging the construction of energy efficient buildings that will reduce operating expenses and increase their resale value. Newly constructed buildings must also comply with the laws and regulations in effect in Québec, particularly those dealing with energy efficiency, air quality, and environmental protection.

Comments on Funding:

Énergir will grant financial assistance of $5 per cubic metre of natural gas saved, up to a maximum of $325,000, for the construction of a new efficient building.
In addition, Énergir covers 75% of energy simulation fees and up to $15,000 of the cost of an energy simulation for your new building.

Deadline: Continuous Intake

Eligibility criteria:

  • Be a current and about-to-be Énergir customer;
  • Be in one of the targeted activity sectors as follows:
    a) commercial sector;
    b) multi-tenant sector: buildings with four or more units;
    c) institutional sector;
    d) industrial sector.
  • The building must be new.
  • The building must be heated by natural gas.
  • The calculations must have been done by a registered firm.
  • The new construction projects must have been modelled using a simulation tool.
  • The request for financial assistance must be submitted to Énergir before the new construction project is started.
  • Savings generated by substituting natural gas for another form of energy are excluded.
  • Heat recovery from sources other than natural gas may be acceptable under certain conditions.
  • Energy savings recognized by another program offered by Énergir must be deducted from those under this program.
  • The application submitted should contain all the documentation required by Énergir.
  • The new construction project will be verified by a third independent party.
    Note: In the case of about-to-be customers, the financial assistance will be paid once a Énergir account has been established.
Application Steps:


Documentation Needed:


Other Things to Note:


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