Novoclimat: Petit bâtiment multilogement (Novoclimat: Small Multiple-Unit Building)

By mmuise

The Novoclimat program promotes the construction of new, high energy performance homes, according to specific construction requirements. It should be noted that the purchase of a condominium in a Novoclimat certified building does not entitle the owner to financial assistance, which is paid instead to the project’s promoter.

Comments on Funding:


Deadline: -

Applicants must:

  • have eligible private buildings, including:
    a) condominiums or dwelling units;
    b) social housing.
  • be developing:
    a) duplexes, triplexes and quadruplexes;
    b) multiple-unit buildings of three or fewer storeys and 600 m2 and less.
  • have buildings be built by a contractor who has obtained Novoclimat certification from the Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ) and use as the main energy source for heating electricity, natural gas, or residual forest biomass;
  • have buildings inspected, tested and delivered with government certification confirming that they meet the objectives of the Novoclimat program;
  • Conversion or recycling projects may be eligible provided that they satisfy all of the Novoclimat requirements.
Application Steps:


Documentation Needed:


Other Things to Note:


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