Partenar-IA | Entreprise: Soutien aux projets d’innovation en intelligence artificielle (Partner-IA | Business: Support for Innovation Projects in Artificial Intelligence)

By mmuise

This program is designed to improve business competitiveness through the adoption of AI, contributing to positioning Quebec as a leader in the development of AI, and more.

Comments on Funding:

Maximum assistance of $350,000 per company | $1,500,000 per project.

Deadline: Applications are closed. Stay tuned for future intake announcements.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • The project must be carried out by a consortium of companies (minimum of two) including at least one Quebec SME with the collaboration of a research center;
  • As an SME, companies must have the following characteristics:
    a) They are legally constituted according to the federal or Quebec laws in force and registered with the Registraire des entreprises du Québec.
    b) They have their head office in Quebec and their staff or subcontractors work mainly in Quebec.
    c) They have 250 employees or less in Quebec.
    d) Their assets (including those of associated corporations), calculated on a worldwide basis, for the taxation year ending in the calendar year preceding the calendar year concerned are less than $50 million
  • For each eligible partner company, the project must provide for the hiring of a minimum of one intern per year.
Application Steps:


Documentation Needed:


Other Things to Note:

Deadline: October 15, 2023.

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