PSO-v2b: Collaborative Research Projects

By mmuise

This funding program supports collaborative research projects that involve a partnership between one or more companies and one or more public research centers (universities, CCTT, CRP, etc.). Financial assistance for SMEs varies according to the project's Technology Readiness Level (TRL) and can reach up to 40% contribution for eligible expenses up to $1.5M over a maximum period of 3 years.

Comments on Funding:

Maximum assistance of $500,000 per year, $1.5 million per project.

Deadline: January 19, 2024 February 16, 2024

Applicants must:

  • be universities;
  • be colleges;
  • be Public Research Centers (CRP);
  • be College Center for Technology Transfer (CCTT);
  • have eligible partners, including:
    a) Big business;
    b) SME (fewer than 250 employees);
    c) Be legally constituted according to the federal or Quebec laws in force and registered with the Registraire des entreprises du Québec.
Application Steps:


Documentation Needed:


Other Things to Note:

CQRDA provides non-repayable grants under two types of funding with specific conditions. The first type is for projects involving Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), and the second is for projects involving Large Enterprises (LEs) in the absence of SMEs.

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