Quebec Fisheries Fund: Infrastructure

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Quebec Fisheries Fund's Infrastructure stream is designed to encourage the use of new technologies or processes to support the sustainable development of the sector.

Comments on Funding:

1. Funding takes the form of contributions and the contribution amount is determined based on the recipient’s application and the stacking limits, maximum amount payable, fair market value of the proposed costs, funds available in the program budget, and the evaluation of the project recommended by the Quebec Fisheries Fund Secretariat.
2. The maximum contribution amount payable is $2.5 million per project under the program’s Infrastructure component.
3. The maximum annual amount is $1 million.
4. The maximum amount of total public funding (federal, provincial and municipal governments) for the same costs eligible under this program will not exceed the following percentages for:
- non-commercial organizations: 100% of the total eligible costs of the activity;
- commercial recipients with up to 19 employees: 90% of the total eligible costs;
- commercial recipients with 20 to 499 employees: 75% of the total eligible costs;
- commercial recipients with 500 or more employees: 50% of the total eligible costs.

Deadline: Continuous Intake

Applicants must:

  • be groups and organizations established in Quebec including:
    a) commercial enterprises, such as fishers, aquaculturists and seafood processors;
    b) industry associations and other non-profit organizations;
    c) research and innovation institutions;
    d) academics;
    e) post-secondary educational institutions;
    f) groups or indigenous organizations that aren’t commercial enterprises.
  • reside in the Province of Quebec;
  • have the legal capacity to enter into a contribution agreement;
  • be active in or support activities related to the fish and seafood harvesting, processing or aquaculture sectors;
  • demonstrate maximum economic benefits accruing to the Province of Quebec.
    Eligible activities for infrastructure funding:
  • adapting or adopting new technologies, or new processes or equipment to improve the efficiency and sustainability of the fish and seafood sector.
  • providing training associated with adaption or adoption of new technologies, new processes or equipment.
Application Steps:


Documentation Needed:


Other Things to Note:

Date modified: 2021-11-18

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