Remise au point des systèmes mécaniques (Recommissioning of Mechanical Systems)

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The program encourages the process of recommissioning existing mechanical systems in buildings in order to reduce annual energy consumption. By realizing the process, Énergir customers will reduce their annual energy consumption by 10% to 15% and they will be saving while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Comments on Funding:

The financial assistance awarded by Énergir under the recommissioning program is divided into four parts and can reach a total of $100,000. The grant covers 50% of the costs tied to each of the four phases, namely investigation, implementation, transfer and follow-up.
Phase 1 – Investigation: The financial assistance that will be paid for the investigation corresponds to 50% of the eligible costs for this phase.
Phase 2 – Implementation: The financial assistance that will be paid for this phase varies depending on the natural gas saved. It corresponds to $0.30/m3 of natural gas saved in the first year following the implementation of the recommissioning measured approved by Énergir and whose payback period (PRI5) is longer than or equal to one year. However, the amount granted for this phase is limited to 50% of the implementation costs of the eligible measures.
Phase 3 – Transfer: The financial assistance that will be paid for the transfer corresponds to 50% of the eligible costs for this phase.
Phase 4 - Monitoring persistence of measures: The final part of the financial assistance covers the continuous monitoring of the measures implemented. The monitoring phase may extend over a maximum of 10 years. A minimum 2-year monitoring period is mandatory in order to receive the financial assistance. The final part of the financial assistance corresponds to 50% of the eligible costs for this phase. The eligible costs include the professional consulting fees for carrying out the monitoring as well as producing the annual monitoring report.

Deadline: Continuous Intake

Eligibility criteria:

  • The applicant must be a current Énergir customer.
  • The grant is aimed at buildings or groups of buildings with natural gas consumption of at least 75,000 m3 per year. On the specific approval of Énergir, certain buildings with annual natural gas consumption below 75,000 m3 could be eligible.
  • The building in question must not have been the subject of an agreement for the payment of financial assistance during the preceding five (5) years as part of an application under the Recommissioning Grant or the New Efficient Construction Grant.
  • The project must be carried out by a Ministry of Energy & Natural Resources certified recommissioning (RCx) agent. The certified agent must work for a firm registered with Énergir.
  • The request for financial assistance must be submitted before the recommissioning project is started and the Application for Admission and Simplified Plan forms must be duly completed and in compliance. Also the request must not cover a project that is the subject of a request for financial assistance under the ÉcoPerformance program for the Recommissioning of Mechanical Systems.
  • The potential energy savings shown in the Plan are judged satisfactory by Énergir.
  • Any measure calling for the substitution of one energy source by another is excluded.
  • Measures related to equipment replacement, to procedures, tariff optimization or maintenance are not eligible.
  • Measures eligible for Énergir’s prescriptive programs, or for studies, encouragement and implementation grants, are excluded from the Recommissioning Grant.
  • On the specific approval of Énergir, energy services companies (also called ESCos or ESCOs) may ask for a grant. For an application to be eligible, they must submit the invoices and supporting documents required for each phase of the grant.
  • The applicant must agree to complete all the phases of the grant, failing which, Énergir reserves the right to cancel the application and to request the reimbursement of any sums already paid.
  • Énergir reserves the right to retain some of the financial assistance or to require a modified payment agreement in the case where the financial assistance ceiling has been reached before the end of the project.
  • All phases of the grant must respect the norms and regulations in effect.
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