Soutien au travail autonome (Support for Self-Employment)

By mmuise

This program offers financial support to eligible individuals, aiding them in the development of a comprehensive business plan and facilitating the establishment of their own business or self-created employment opportunity.

Comments on Funding:


Deadline: -

Applicants must:

  • be individuals who are currently employed (underemployed or in precarious employment) or unemployed;
  • be holding promising projects and requiring skills development to start their own businesses in Quebec.

    Participants in this measure must fall into one of the following categories:
  • Participants in the Employment Insurance program;
  • Recipients of a social assistance program and individuals receiving equivalent benefits;
  • Individuals without public income support;
  • Workers in precarious employment status; (precarious employment includes seasonal jobs, contractual jobs, temporary jobs, occasional jobs, on-call or part-time jobs).

    The following are excluded:
  • Asylum seekers (claimants of refugee status);
  • Individuals wishing to establish their own business or self-employment by practicing a profession regulated by a professional order;
  • Commission-paid personnel

    Note 1: Individuals without public income support who are not in underrepresented groups are not part of the prioritized target audience, just as those eligible for employment insurance who are not active recipients of employment insurance.
    These underrepresented groups are individuals with disabilities, experienced workers over the age of 55, immigrants admitted to Canada for less than 5 years, individuals with judicial history, Indigenous individuals, undereducated women, young individuals (24 years and younger), and single-parent family heads.
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