Fonds PME MTL and Fonds locaux de solidarité Montréal

By mmuise

The Fonds PME MTL and Fonds local de solidarité Montréal (FLS Montréal) (local solidarity fund) support start-ups and growing companies and help maintain jobs in Montréal. The financing provided by PME MTL is adapted to each company’s situation, and is often useful as a lever in obtaining other sources of financing.

Comments on Funding:

Funding takes the form of loans of maximum:
- $100,000 from FLS Montréal;
- $300,000 from Fonds PME MTL.

Deadline: Continuous Intake

Applicants must:

  • be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident;
  • be legally constituted and entered in the Registre d’entreprises du Québec (REQ);
  • have their business in Montréal and their head office in Québec;
  • submit a business plan or a description of their plans, current or budgeted financial statements and any other supporting documentation deemed relevant;
  • show that they have entrepreneurial experience, knowledge and management skills;
  • invest at least 20% of the total cost of their project.
Application Steps:


Documentation Needed:


Other Things to Note:


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