Crédit d’impôt remboursable pour services de production cinématographique ou télévisuelle (Refundable Tax Credit for Film or Television Production Services)

By mmuise

The refundable tax credit for film production services, jointly administered by SODEC and Revenu Québec, is designed to stimulate job creation in Québec, essentially by encouraging foreign producers to choose Québec as a filming location.

Comments on Funding:

The base of the tax credit applies to all-spend production costs, which corresponds to the total of the qualified labour costs and the costs of qualified properties. The tax credit corresponds to 20% of the qualified expenditures incurred by an eligible corporation for services provided in Québec for the making of an eligible production.

Deadline: Rolling deadline

Eligible Companies:

  • be companies that have an establishment in Quebec during the year;
  • have activities primarily involve operating a cinematographic or television production company or a cinematographic or television production services company in Quebec;
  • be companies that:
    a) either owns the copyright of the eligible production throughout the period during which the production is carried out in Quebec;
    b) or has directly concluded a contract with the copyright owner(s) of the eligible production for the provision of production services related to this production, in cases where the copyright owner(s) is not an eligible company with respect to this production.
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