Book Publishing Production Grant:: Book Publishers’ Production Stream

By mmuise

The Book Publishers’ Production Grant assists in the production and marketing of titles intended for commercial release.

Comments on Funding:

1. Funding will take the form of a grant that covers up to 50% of eligible book production costs or $80,000 (whichever is the lesser).
2. Projects will be funded up to a maximum of 25-50% of the approved project budget, based on the published assessment criteria.
3. Applicants may not receive more than $80,000 per fiscal year from both Book Publishing Production streams.

Deadline: Applications are closed. Stay tuned for future intake announcements.

Applicants must:

  • be Saskatchewan corporations;
  • be Saskatchewan residents;
  • be publishing books written by authors;
  • be distributing the book(s) through at least one bookselling channel;
  • be established Saskatchewan authors making a financial contribution to cover any portion of the cost of production;
  • be active practitioners in one of the creative industries identified under The Creative Saskatchewan Act (2013) (see general guidelines);
  • demonstrate their intention to earn their living within their chosen creative industry, as well as their ambition to grow their business beyond their current status;
  • be in good standing (defined in the Glossary) with Creative Saskatchewan in all respects;
  • be working with Saskatchewan authors that meet these criteria:
    a) Have published a minimum of 1 traditionally published book or 2 self-published books (excluding anthologies), OR
    b) For fiction, have published a minimum of 4 texts of creative fiction (e.g. short stories or excerpts from novels) published on 2 separate occasions in established magazines, periodicals or anthologies published by an established book publisher;
    c) For poetry, have a minimum of 10 poems published in established magazines, periodicals or anthologies that are published by established book publishers;
    d) For non-fiction, have a minimum of 40 pages of articles published in established magazines, periodicals or anthologies that are published by established book publishers.
  • When a book is co-authored, both authors must be Saskatchewan residents, and at least one author must meet the above established author criteria;
  • When the author makes a financial contribution to the project to cover any portion of the cost of production, they must be a signatory on the funding agreement should a grant be awarded.
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