Lab2Market Discover

Lab2Market Discover serves as a gateway for researchers to understand and harness the entrepreneurial potential of their innovative work. This online exploratory program is crafted to assist them in evaluating the market viability of their research. It introduces a novel perspective, fostering a mindset shift towards business and entrepreneurship. Participants will not only assess their…


Lab2Market Validate (formerly: Innovation Boost Zone (IBZ): Lab2Market Program)

Lab2Market Validate, formally known as Lab2Market, gives researchers the opportunity to critically test and evaluate their idea in the entrepreneurial landscape. This carefully curated 16-week experience is complemented by funding, exercises, workshops, and mentorship from industry experts – all with exploration at its core.


Lab2Market Launch

Lab2Market Launch is a 12-week summer accelerator that brings together members of the entrepreneurial ecosystem from across Canada to turn ideas into viable businesses. The program is designed for ambitious entrepreneurial students and research teams who are committed to forming, building, and growing technology-based ventures.


Lab2Market Build

L2M Build, spanning a 12-month period, is meticulously structured to shepherd researchers through each stage of product development. It furnishes a curriculum crafted by industry specialists, alongside mentorship from seasoned startup founders and investors. With the provision of up to $155,000 in funding and access to an expanding network of emerging STEM entrepreneurs nationwide, the…


Tourism Relief Fund

With a budget of $500 million over two years (ending March 31, 2023), including $50 million specifically dedicated to Indigenous tourism initiatives and $15 million for national initiatives, The Tourism Relief Fund supports tourism businesses and organizations to adapt their operations to meet public health requirements while investing in products and services to facilitate their…


Aerospace Regional Recovery Initiative (ARRI)

The Aerospace Regional Recovery Initiative (ARRI) will help the Canadian aerospace sector emerge from the pandemic with the capacity to compete on the global stage, by supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the following three objectives: to green their operations and adopt environmentally sustainable practices, to improve productivity and to strengthen commercialization while furthering…

Business Scale-up and Productivity under Regional Economic Growth through Innovation (REGI)

The Business Scale-up and Productivity helps businesses speed up their growth so they can be more productive, compete on the world stage and reach new markets. Funding can be used to: 1. scale up and expand; 2. make the most of new technologies; 3. improve productivity; 4. create new products and find new markets.