Construction Financing

DUCA Credit Union provides comprehensive construction financing solutions for commercial businesses. With a highly experienced team, DUCA offers expert advice and services across all aspects of construction, including land loans, land servicing, construction loans, and mezzanine loans. This specialized financing is designed to support businesses in the construction industry, ensuring they have the necessary funding…

Agriculture Leasing

Agriculture Leasing is designed for farm businesses to improve their operation by replacing old equipment; whether upgrading with something second-hand or buying brand new, leasing is a great option. In partnership with Wyth Bank, Affinity Credit Union offers payment solutions for equipment, machinery, grain bins, portable buildings, metal frame structures and just about anything else…


The Affinity Credit Union has offered a Leasing program designed for businesses upgrading or adding to their commercial equipment but are less interested in owning it outright. Leasing lets them get the things they need with a lower cost of ownership.